#7001 Large (16" x 14")
#7002 Medium (11" x 9")
#7003 Small (6" x 5")

What's that? A beautiful work of art? Oh, it's just a mirage. But with Mirage Art, artists can create endless masterpieces with only a paintbrush and water. Apply water to the brush (included), sweep the brush across the canvas, and watch the black strokes magically appear. Not satisfied with your picture? Don't worry -- within just a few moments the entire image begins to fade, and the canvas is ready for the next painting. Gone are the days of messy paints and wasted paper. And the convenient stand means there's no need for an easel. The large size has a 10.5 x 7.75 inch canvas and is mounted in a 16 x 13.25 inch cardboard frame depicting one of six different scenes plus plain gold color, providing added inspiration to the artist.
Ages 3 and older.

Coming Aug 1: Color Mirage Art!

$20.00 Large
$12.00 Medium
$6.00 Small


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